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25/365 Dolly

A prop from The Pillowman. If I was doing what the idea of the 365 was, to have the picture of the day give an idea of the overall feeling or happenings of that day, so far every day would've been a picture of something related to The Pillowman. But I don't take a lot of photos at rehearsal. I'm glad my blog is more a, 'here's a random tidbit of my day' kind of 365.
P.S. This doll is probably just a stand in for a different doll that may be used in the show, so I'm not spoiling anything for those of you who worry about that kind of thing. Oh...that's right. It's only me that's nuts-o about that kind of thing.


theo said...

You're wrong. It is not only you that is nuts-o about "that kind of thing". Think of it as sort of an inheritance.

Taylor said...

Knew it had to come from somewhere.

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