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68/365 Day

As I sat in my bed thinking about how I didn't take a picture today, I realized it was probably because today was a pretty stressful day. I studied my butt off for my Theatre Crafts midterm. This paid off, I got a 96. However, all week I've been hoping for an email to find out whether I got an RA position or not. Today some people found out that they did. I anxiously awaited an email. All. Day.

So from now on, whenever I legit don't have a picture for the day, I'm going to take a lovely webcam picture of my mood of the day.
Today's mood, kids, is FRUSTRATION (due to unnecessary stress and anticipation).


Susan said...

But your hair looks great! Good job on the tools test. Did you call anything a dinglehopper? Text me if you hear about the RA.

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