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78/365 Hollow Book

One of my spring break projects was making this hollow book. I bought a copy of 'Cider House Rules' at a thrift store.
The note I found in the front cover of the books. It reads, 'MRL- Thanks for the good but disturbing read! AN'
Best part of this is that the note is written on a prescription pad from an OB/GYN office. If you know what the book is about you'll appreciate that.

P.S. Just discovered how to make my photos bigger in the post! Yay!


Unknown said...

AHH that is soo cool! and yes I read Cider House Rules, actually enjoyed it a ton, but I read the note before reading ur post and laughed because it was from the OBGYN office. you are having an extremely crafty break tho!

Taylor said...

Yeah when I fist saw the note I was like, 'why...?' haha

Crafts are what happen when I can't leave the house due to Polyjuice Potion syndrome.

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