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95/365 Shuffleboard

All of upper Nwing, including the game room, is closed permanently after 11pm tonight.
Krys and I went and played shuffleboard one last time.
She threw a 4, I picked up her puck, and threw a 4 to her end.
Perfect ending. R.I.P. shuffleboard. We love you eternally.


Susan said...

Bummer - I know how much you girls were enjoying that. Perhaps a request to the authorities can get the board relocated to the new center - or to your common room!

Taylor said...

Unfortunately they're just getting rid of it, it's for sale on a website already =(

Unknown said...

WHAT? NO MORE SHUFFLEBOARD? Maybe there will be a new one in the new center?

Taylor said...

We have been told repeatedly that this one is not going to the new center and that there will not be one in the new center. I know. Tears.

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