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121/365 Goodbye, H304

I believe this is the first black and white photo of my blog.

Today was the LAST day of my freshman year of college. It turned out to be a pretty bittersweet day, so relieved to be done school, but will miss new friends (family). This picture depicts more sadness than I really felt all day, but it's my favorite of the ones I took.

I'm home for the summer! Finally! Now on to my long list of things to accomplish/read/do in the next four months!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure a more appropriate picture would be a pic of your car running with u sitting on it looking ashamed... just saying HA

Taylor said...

Did you not hear me say, as he was breaking into my car, 'I wish I had my camera' ? That would've absolutely been the picture of the day.

theo said...

This is really just beautifully poignant. And, yeah, not having your camera for the car episode was a bit unfortunate.

Susan said...

I sure am glad to have you home <3

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