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125/365 Bridge

So today I drove into Stone Harbor. Twice. To go to a store that was closed. Both time. Even though the first time assured me (with a little handwritten sign) that they would be open after 2pm. This was false. And I got stuck behind the bridge opening. So I took some picture while sitting there. Although not with my car in park, because we all know what Petunia likes to do when Taylor puts her in park when not actually parking. That's right, not go back into drive, therefore leaving Taylor stuck in the middle of roads/intersections, etc. This is a long, rambling post. I think I felt the need to justify the lame picture.
P.S. If you go back to day 33, you can have a fun comparison of that side-view mirror picture with this one! Yay!


Cheryl said...

But #33 was the passenger side mirror. In that one objects are larger than they appear. Or smaller. I always forget.

Cheryl said...

Or closer?

Taylor said...

Closer! It's closer! =)

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