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181/365 Halfway

I love this picture. I think it's a self portrait. I love self-timer.
Milestone. Halfway done my 365. Thinking about everything I've done so far this year, and thinking ahead to what lies in store for the rest of the year makes me realize that time really doesn't move so quickly if you don't let it. I don't feel this year flying by the way I feel as though I normally would. Interessant.

(If you're a follower, you might've noticed there is no '180'. This is because if you look back to day 92, you will see there are two '92/365's. This was an accident. So instead of going through asnd changing the number of all the posts since then, I'm just skipping a number to get back on track. Maybe one day I'll go through and change them. Maybe.)

179/365 Countertop

Pulled/scraped up tape and signs from on countertop. Cleaned and 'Goo Be Gone'd countertop. Made/re-taped signs. Taped signs down in different location on counter. Tom made enormous mess on counter with graphite found under counter. Tom cleans counter, using copious amounts of Pine-Sol. Tom and Taylor get a little loopy off of strong smell of un-diluted Pine-Sol.
But I survived two days in a row of doubles. Hoorah!

178/365 Double Madness

The front of the dollar is how we found it. The back of the dollar is what Tom turned it into.
Worked a 12-hour double today. Waking up and doing it all over again tomorrow.

177/365 '4' Knot

Hair wrapping all day, making myself anklets all night.

176/365 Govinda's and Next to Normal

GOVINDA'S. 'Chicken' Salad Sub. Enough said.
The more important part of today was that I saw Next to Normal in Phila! It was absolutely stunning. I loved every minute of it. I was initially disappointed that Alice Ripley was not going to be performing, as our little inserts told us, but I forgot about this the moment Pearl Sun sang her first note. Breathtaking. Sob-inducing.
So basically a more appropriate picture for today would be something N2N related, but today is one of those unfortunate days where my camera battery was dying, so I didn't get much. Oh well. Govinda's for the win.

175/365 Family Reunion

Kayla playing frisbee at the family reunion. She's so cute!

174/365 Phightin

Steph eating a vegan black bean burger at the Phillies' game! Who knew Citizen's Bank Park stored such delights!
Phils won 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth. Long, boring game until this inning, but so worth it.

173/365 Painters

Literally laughed loud loud when I read this lovely slogan on the painter's truck. If I had been driving I would've crashed.

172/365 Jesus

Jesus. That will be all.

171/365 Lens

So many pictures depicting bookstore boredom. Pair of reading glasses were broken and the lens had popped out. I proceeded to get Tom to bust the other lens out so I could wear them lens-less, and he hit the lenses with a hammer. Good things.

170/365 Today's Picture; Difficult Decision

Apartment hunting in Wilmington for Nina.

Lisa and Lizzie

Han and Al

The last two pictures I didn't even take (but I did edit a bit). I just love all of these ladies so much, and I couldn't decide between any of them for today's post. So there you are.

169/365 Day of Father

Happy Waffles Father's Day!
This guy turned out a little strange because I had almost no batter left to make him. Still delicious.

168/365 Spider Find

Can you find the spider that greeted me this morning, having created his or her web between my car and the tree above my car? It's there, I promise.

167/365 Bookstore Boredom

So bored at the bookstore tonight. I doodled/stamped this. Tom was seeing how long he could get his phone to spin on the counter top and I was experimenting with making notes with a rubber band hooked around keyboard keys.

166/365 CHAI!

I cannot believe that Chai has never made an appearance in my blog before tonight! Chai is my cousin Nina's dear little hedgehog. She is an unbeleiveable ball of cuteness, so here she is. Picture one is of her from a while ago, picture two is of her in her bath tonight, and picture three ridiculous. Yay, Chai!

165/365 Cape Mey

Cape May used be to be Cape Mey, named after the guy who founded it. What the what?

164/365 My Face

It's a my face day!
Today I had my first shift at my second job. I think I'm going to seriously prefer it to the bookstore. Just a different atmosphere and environment. Yay working 6-7 days a week!

163/365 Summer Class

This girl in my textbook was real irritated about the obscene phone call she was receiving.

162/365 OC

Ocean City boardwalk for training for a store I'll be working at in Stone Harbor. Go figure.
This kid was having a blast.

161/365 Steph's Graduation Party

And finally, the day came when others could finally appreciate my days of hard baking. With the premiere of...

Cake pops! In all their glory!

Purple man with afro, my personal favorite.

Plus my adorable cousin Katie, happily eating the face off of her's right after I took this picture.

They were a huge hit and something I'll definitely be making again!

160/365 Still baking...

Peanut butter chocolate chip brownies with chocolate ganache. I made a double batch, which yielded about 96 brownies. Too many. But so stinking delicious.

Have you ever sunk your hands into a hot bowl of cake crumbs? No? Go do it. Now. A life experience not to be missed.

159/365 Spooning

There was a lot of baking happening on the day before this, and this day, and the day after. I made a lot of messes. Knocking over the cup of plastic utensils in the pantry was one of them. The spoons landed in the door, spooning.

158/365 Sunset

Maybe one year I'll take a picture of the sunset everyday. It deserves it.

157/365 Food Porn

Can I just point out that, before yesterday, I went a whole TWO WEEKS without any of my pictures being food? Look at all the variety in my life.
Peanut butter brownies. That will be all.

156/365 Greek

Mushrooms with pita pockets of hummus, feta cheese and spinach. Glad I'm really Greek and everything.

155/365 Flowers

Freakish marigold symmetry.
Also, I'm clearly beginning to really like cropping my photos to widescreen.

154/365 How to Succeed!

Choose two photos for today, to accurately convey the wonder of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, how happy I was to be reunited with my daughter and many others in my theatre family, how much we enjoyed the Disney store, and how amazing Daniel Radcliffe is as a singer, actor, and DANCER.

153/365 Half-Blood Prince

Likely my favorite line in all of Harry Potter, and they couldn't even manage to put it in the damn movie. Sobbed for the last one hundred pages of this one.

152/365 Classy

Lizzie and Al. No words necessary.

151/365 The Flowers

"The flowers you gave me are rotting and still I refuse to throw them away."
Whenever I take pictures of flowers, dead or alive, all I can think of is this beautiful Regina Spektor song.