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243/365 AFTER

As it should be.
It's sort of crazy that this is my third dye job and fourth hair color this year considering I've never dyed my whole head before February.
This is a keeper.

242/365 BEFORE

241/365 Hallows

My cousin Nina is the greatest. Almost whenever she goes anywhere, she asks me to Chai sit, and I always quite happily agree to. She then feels the need to get me something as a thank you for Chai sitting (a task I happily do at no cost because I love little Chai!)
This time she went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal, which, admittedly, I was quite jealous of. But she got me this BEAUTIFUL pendant of the Deathly Hallows symbol, just like Xenophilius' in the movie, with the spinning Resurrection Stone and everything.
Love it so much, thank you so much Neen, definitely wearing constantly.

240/365 Boxes

I PACKED! Today I packed up nearly everything that I'll be taking to school with me on Wednesday! Can't wait to move into my new apartment!

239/365 Irene

Heyyyyyyy hurricane. (*In the voice of Buster from Arrested Development)

238/365 Cuppies

Hurricane Irene is coming. My parents and I have decided to not listen to the mandatory evacuation, and stay in our home.

I made cupcakes. Strawberry lemonade cake with a light, vanilla buttercream, and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

237/365 The BK

Preparations for the very real possibility of Bad Kitty flooding. Randi, Chelsea and I had been there far too long.

236/365 Expansion

I would like to know where the snarky, wise caterpillar smoking a pipe is.

235/365 Hennas

The henna on my hand is fading so quickly! But my wristy guy is still holding up. Next, a believe a ladybug is in order!

234/365 Jelly

The peach jelly massacre of 2011. Nobody saw it coming. Poor little lid, she never stood a chance against the pure power and heat of the jelly.
On the positive side, we did yield 23 jars of peach and blueberry peach jelly tonight!

233/365 Mushrooms

Literally almost crashed my car into my front lawn this morning as I veered over to take a picture of these guys when I saw them. Sprouted over night, and they are freaking HUGE. I'm a little frightened.

232/365 FroYo!

FroYo Factory. SO GOOD.
Thin Mint frozen yogurt with some oreos, little mint cups and a few bits of cookie dough.

231/365 Love

To all the people who told me, 'you'll find your real friends when you go to college' or, 'it'll be so weird to see your friends from home when you're home from college'; one year later, still in love as ever. Eat your heart out. 

230/365 Feather 2

The next day, returning home from work, feather is on the ground in the SAME place. Amazing. I picked it up this time to save it. Felt like it was fate(?).

229/365 Feather

This picture is what my blog is really about. Walking to my car in the morning to go to work, and taking a moment to stop and take a picture of a beautiful feather lying on the ground.

228/365 Henna

Addicted to henna tattoos!

227/365 Tiny Granolas

Went grocery shopping avec ma mere ce soir. There was this entire, very bizarre section of the store that was clearly for vacationers. Full of tiny boxes of things that anyone would buy a normal size of under everyday circumstances. C'est bizarre.

226/365 Sorry about this one.

The day began very dark and cloudy, and proceeded to get darker and darker until the rain finally came down. We were crazy busy at Bad Kitty. I did 11 hair wraps. I got 5 dollars in tips. All summer I've put my absolute best effort forward not to complain, but right now, I am complaining.

I was so excited for today because we've been pretty slow for about a week now. I knew it was supposed to be rainy and gross, so I knew we'd be really busy. I went into today excited to hair wrap my little hands off, and make plenty of tips. Hair wrapping my little hands of an making approximately 50 cents per wrap was NOT part of what I was looking forward too.
By far, the most frustrated I've felt with work the entire summer. I mean, I didn't even EAT. Literally, not even a spare moment to stop and eat a few Wheat Thins. I was either hair wrapping, or dealing with awful customers. Listen to me; if you ever get feathers put in your hair, or your precious daughter's hair, do the salesperson a favor and do not THROW A FIT over the length of the feathers your daughter is getting. THERE IS HONESTLY ABOUT A CENTIMETER DIFFERENCE IN THOSE TWO FEATHERS. Also? Please don't have your girls pick out their feathers, then walk away after I ring you up on the register, saying you'll pay once you've gotten the other things they want. Especially don't do this after I EXPLAINED TO YOU that we require you to pay for the feathers before they are put in. We do this so that no feather goes unaccounted for, and you don't try to walk out without paying, which I KNOW you were trying to do, crazy bitch in the hideous orange shorts.
And then the bookstore was really busy the second I went in there at 5. It eventually slowed down. Of course, this only happened well after it stopped raining, and I MISSED the rainbow. I just wanted to see the damn rainbow.

I have deemed this the worst day of work for the summer, and therefore I will never complain about work again. It can only go up from here.
Angry/upset rant over.
Three weeks left. I'll be fine.

And on the upside, I do like this picture quite a bit. One of the only times I've actually thought Stone Harbor looked beautiful.

225/365 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Easily me favorite childhood book, certainly my favorite childhood author. 

224/365 Painted Pie

Had the urge to pop into the Painted Pie today. Enormous, warm, scrumptious chocolate chip cookies followed. Such a good urge.

223/365 Gummies

I try not to partake in the eating of teeth-rotting sweets too much, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it. CVS brand Assorted Fruit Sours, 99 cents, good investment.

222/365 PURPLE HAIR.

Underside of my hair is purple. ELATED.

221/365 Abe

Yeah, I guess Abe Lincoln was a pretty hopeful guy.

220/365 Hair Wrap

Not only do I love this picture, but I love the hair wrap in it! Juls picked her colors (Gryffindor?!), but I chose to do it evolving. Finally, a picture depicting what I've been slaving away at all summer.

219/365 Melon of water

We're already on the second half of the watermelon...I don't give it past Tuesday morning.

218/365 Watermelon

Last week my mom got a watermelon, and her and I ate the entire thing in about three days. Let's see how long this guy lasts.

217/365 Delusions

So I go into the bookstore at 4, ready to work a 6 hour shift after having already worked at Bad Kitty all day. I look over to the best seller trade fiction shelves and VERY excitedly exclaim, 'THERE'S A BOOK TITLED TAY?!?!' And then I took one more step to the right which revealed an 's' in front of the 'tay'. So, Disappointed.

216/365 Dentistry

Forever hating the dentist.

215/365 Pizza Night

Had the Cawleys over for one last pizza night before they move to Audubon! We played Sequence, Anna got her butt stuck in a folding chair, had a great night. I'll miss them when they're farther away than a 15 minute drive!

214/365 Calvin

Lizzie holding the beautiful Calvin! The calmest little puppy I've ever met! I love him already, hope him and Toby learn to get along.

213/365 Magic Garden

Went to Phila with Katie and Dan today. Walked around South Street, went to the Magic Garden, got soaking wet in the rain. Love my family.