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268/365 Surprise, again

Lane's surprise party! Theatre ladies.

267/365 Lake Fred

Clouds in the water.

266/365 Freud

Katie and I were in the library and I found this beautiful edition of "Interpretation of Dreams". I love the way my Hallows henna is quite prominent in this photo as well. =)

265/365 Act IV, Scene I

Haven't resorted to a webcam photo in quite a while, but it is very appropriate for today. Today we blocked my favorite scene in the entire show. It does not disappoint, that's all I'll say. Joy.

264/365 Henna Hallows

At the Club Fair today, there was a both where a woman was doing hennas. Katie and I got matching Deathly Hallows tattoos. I regret nothing.

263/365 Surprise

Surprise birthday party for Tyler! He was surprised, it was his birthday, it was a party. Success!

262/365 Costumes

I completed my first costume designs. It took me a total of about eight to nine hours to complete them all. Overall, I am satisfied. I feel I did the best I could with what knowledge and skills I have.
I also love how the ruffle of the bottom of my shirt made it into this picture which I didn't notice until after I took it.

261/365 How's Kyle?

Kyle is doing very well, thank you for asking.

260/365 Rocks

Today was the first official work day of the semester for Much Ado! Katie and I were a team and we painted all of the pinkish/purply rocks. I <3 painting.

259/365 1857

Today I embarked upon my first design assignment for Costume Design class. It involved researching the costumes of a time period, and basically picking whichever period I felt I could draw best. 1857, you won.

258/365 Cake Boss

Today, Cake Boss came to our school! But not really. Buddy Valastro was not actually there, but this is the cake that his shop made for the grand opening of our Campus Center. Personally, I think mom and I could've done better. The osprey is cool but overall...I was a little underwhelmed. Also? Auntie Bonnie's chocolate would beat his any day.

257/365 Snazzy New Pink Shirt

Today, Katie and I both coincidentally wore pink. I realized halfway through the day that rehearsal tonight was composed of Alex, Tori, Katie and myself, who we deemed to be the Mean Girls of Much Ado. It's Wednesday. We were wearing pink. Score one for unintentional movie references.
Also, my blocking for the scene we did tonight is me crawling all over the floor and people's laps. 28 DAYS!

256/365 Coffee House

Went to the Coffee House tonight and this girl did some sick poetry. Props to her.

255/365 Kyle 2


254/365 Kyle


253/365 Roomie Breakfast

Krystle and I made waffles and eggs for breakfast! There were many waffle fails, but some of them turned out pretty well. Belgian waffle maker yayyyyy!

252/365 It begins...

This is going to be a difficult semester because I have two courses based in design, and one based in a lot of creativity and personal growth. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time on projects, more time than necessary.

251/365 Banana Muffins

BLOG FIRST; A picture of something that someone ELSE baked! Roomate Jen baked these yummy banana bread muffins from all the extra and very ripe bananas we had! Thanks, Jen!

250/365 Excitment

Tonight was our first read through since April. Officially peeing my pants in excitement. I get more excited every day/

249/365 Kitchen

I love our kitchen. It's small and rather shitty, but I fully intend of making many delicious treats in it.

248/365 Room

Picture collage wall!
I love how it looks, now just to decorate the other large, blank spaces to the right of this.

247/365 Patrona

Chelsea gave me my first hair wrap of the season! It's light green, light purple and dark purple in mixed blocks, with a DEER on the end as the charm. I named her Patrona, the feminine form of the word Patronus, because Snape's Patronus was a honor of Lily...I love Harry Potter...
Also, more henna!

246/365 Gully

Day 2 of 3 doubles at the BK (day 5 of a total of 6 doubles for the week) and I found another place to eat my dinner today. This seagull was walking around me the whole time and I was thinking, 'bitch, do not try to eat my food'. But he didn't, so I named him Dorian and wished him well as he flew away.

245/365 Birdie

Today on my hour long break during my double I found a table to sit and eat my dinner at. This birdie was hopping around nearby, trying to take of with that big piece of pizza crust. He never made it,

244/365 Goodbye, Bookstore

Last day in the bookstore. Ever. Maybe I'm sad it's leaving, but mostly I'm happy I never have to hear anyone ask me for 'The Help', or ask where James Patterson or Nicholas Sparks is again.