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59/365 Nicro Press Sleeve

Similar picture to last Wednesday, except this week I got about 60 pictures of hardware, not tools.
This is my favorite thing we learned about because it's essentially a big, industrial crimp bead. =)

P.S. Two months down!

58/365 Faces

I hate pictures with flash.
Just proves exactly how much I love my four best friends.

57/365 Gloria

My Chelsey and her lovely parents after her show of 'Damn Yankees'!

56/365 Wellness Center

Written on the ledge inside the Wellness Center =)

55/365 Boredom Strikes

Super Villian!
New Ayn Cale

This is by far the most bizarre of my hobbies that I've chosen to post on this blog. Times like this I really consider making this private.

54/365 Contour...something...

We did tool identification in Theatre Crafts today. Took 72 pictures of tools.
It's a great sign that I already can't remember the full name of this one.

53/365 Icy Gutter

Snowed unexpectedly. Delayed opening - always the day I don't have morning class.

52/365 Salad

Another food picture. Involving salad and goat cheese. Anyone surprised?

51/365 Stereo

Mom and I, with some help from cousin Noah, installed a new stereo into Petunia today!
And hot pink aux input cable! Woo!

50/365 Compass

Went to the West End Garage in Cape May with my mom today. This compass was one among many beautiful things we saw.

49/365 Anime

I'm a Japanese cartoon. What's up.

48/365 Sunset

Outside of G-Wing. Approximately 5:45pm.

47/365 Think Fast

Krystle putting on our answers for Think Fast in N-Wing!

46/365 G-Wing

Wait, G-wing. You did not give me a piece of flatbread this large. N-wing is for overeating.
Cast as a Bird Girl and made it through first round of RA selection today! Completely unrelated to flatbread!

45/365 Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day

My mom gave me a cute and yummy Valentine. Thanks, Mom!

44/365 The Pillowman I clearly didn't take this picture. But this is my favorite photo of Lauren and I from The Pillowman, and today being the last day of Pillowman I think it's appropriate.

43/365 Cast

After opening night.

42/365 I hate anything to do with Valentine's Day. This is not Valentine-y.

Such a pretty dessert.
Today was good for so many reasons.

41/365 Ladybug

Completely unrelated to Pillowman, surprisingly. This little lady was just crawling up the side of my window in my room this afternoon! I tried to get it on a piece of paper to take it outside, but it wouldn't go. I was late for theatre club. Who knows where it is now...

40/365 Candy Grams

Opening Night of Pillowman. Got nine candy grams, flowers from Grandmom and cookies from mom. Thank you for the love, friends and family. ^_^

39/365 School girl

*Edit: Close up of dear Michelle's costume.

Same as yesterday! Sorry for the lack of pictures this week, but just think about how many you'll get come Monday!

38/365 Dress

*Edit; Oh hey, Michelle. =D

Okay, so I'm thrilled about the photo I took for today. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately it is Pillowman based, and shows me in my costume. I will not give any spoilers, so you'll just have to wait until next Monday when the show is all over to see today's photo!
*Note; this note ^ may apply to several other days this week. Maybe all of them.

37/365 Cast Dinner

Cast dinner for the Pillowman, hosted by the wonderful Tyler (who you can see on the edge)! Can't believe this time next week this show will be completely done.

36/365 Water

So much water.

35/365 Clothing and Accesories

I loved my outfit today. And I love my plethora of rings and quirky necklaces.

34/365 Silly Putty

I was ready to walk out the door twenty minutes before I needed to be at Theatre Club today, so I sat and played with Silly Putty.

33/365 Windows

I drove with my windows all the way down today.
I found a coupon for 50 cents off the kind of expensive granola bars I like in Target, just sitting on the shelf by them.
The woman who ran me up gave me 5 cents off my purchase because I said I didn't need a plastic bag.
I went to the gym.
I enjoyed all my classes, plus rehearsal.
Haven't felt this good since the last time I drove with my windows all the way down.


I didn't take a single picture today. *Shrugs*
It's going to happen.