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119/365 Nailing Ceremony

Today was the Nailing Ceremony for the theatre seniors.
There is not a more bittersweet occasion. Much laughter, and a lot of tears.
I will certainly miss them very dearly.

118/365 Ben & Jerry's

Clusterfluff = om nom. 4 out of 5.

117/365 Finals week...

Second book not as scholarly looking, Stockton.
One of the next several days will almost definitely include the third book. I'll be ashamed if it doesn't.

116/365 Soap Debacle

So...Krystle's soap exploded/leaked. It was in a plastic bag in her closet, thank gosh, but washing off and washing the sponge out required all four sinks of the bathroom because they filled up with bubbles very quickly. At least we got all our dishes washed!

115/365 Third floor perspective

Look at all the wide open windows!!!!
Also, this might be the last picture out of my Stockton dormitory window that I take. Only six days left of the semester!

114/365 Harry Potter for finals week

Thank you, Stockton College, for having an edition of Harry Potter that looks like it might be a scholarly book if one could not see the spine. Not like having the fully illustrated cover would've stopped me from checking it out for even one second.

113/365 Easter

Fleet of eggs.
I love dyeing eggs. We don't do anything to celebrate Easter in my house besides dye eggs, and eat chocolate.
It was also beautiful out today and is supposed to be all week. I'll be really upset if I don't wear a skirt every day this week.

112/365 Grandmom's Birthday

I made Strawberry Lemonade cake for Grandmom's birthday today! It turned out very delicious.

111/365 Benches

That's great, Stockton. Stand-up students. Every bench was like this.

110/365 Orange

I <3 baby orange slices.

109/365 Bright

You know that feeling of waking up, and it's a few seconds before you remember something really important/exciting/tragic/momentous that happened the day before? That happened to me this morning. And remembering I'd been cast as Beatrice was the best thing I've taken a few seconds to remember in the morning in my whole life.
This picture is entirely unrelated to this fact.

108/365 Cheeseburger

I realized as I was looking at my cheeseburger sitting on my windowsill, that I never took a picture of it to document it in the blog. I think it's worthy. So here's my 'cheeseburger' (mine's a veggie burger with American cheese, lettuce and spinach) that I made in theatre crafts!

107/365 Roses

Beautiful roses that Grandmom got me for Seussical! She always gets my the most wonderful flowers =)

106/365 When you think about SEUSS!

Cheating again. I did not take this picture.
Today was the last performance of Seussical. A very, very bittersweet day. The saddest part was saying goodbye to our director, Chip, and our musical director, Stephen, because it's not like we'll see them very often after today. As a parting gift, we all signed big picture frames with this photo inside.
I'm a little relieved it's over, but I'll also miss this family.

105/365 Rain

It wasn't down pouring when we got out of the show tonight or anything, I just got new jeans that are this cool two-tone thing.

Last day of Seussical tomorrow! A very Seussian picture to come, for sure!

104/365 Seuss, still

So, I didn't take this picture, which is kind of cheating...cependant, ma mere took it on her phone.
My family came to see Seuss tonight! Yay!

103/365 Second Show

Yertle, Bird Girl and Mrs. Mayor!
Katie, Taylor and Gracie!
Kind of wish my feathers weren't obstructing Grace's eye.

102/365 Cuppies

Seuss-y cupcakes for the Theatre Club bake sale. How I've missed doing this!

101/365 Costume

What's up, bird girl costume?!?! Never ending feathers.

100/365 Gummi Bears

Crazy. Ass. Gummi Bears.

Seussical is this week, posts are going to be sporadic.

99/365 One of those days where I didn't take a picture, so here's my face.

Long day of rehearsal yesterday, late night last night, long day of rehearsal today. Got back to my dorm and remembered I needed to finish an algebra project and do an assignment for political economy.
I'm tired.

98/365 Campus

Dark path at 7:30 pm. How lovely.

97/365 Daffodils

Dad brought me daffodils yesterday! They're my favorite, and they'll probably be all eaten by the bunnies by the time I'm home.

96/365 Dad's Birthday

Today was my dad's birthday! We all went to the Phillies game and they won 11-0. Good day. Very good day. =)

95/365 Shuffleboard

All of upper Nwing, including the game room, is closed permanently after 11pm tonight.
Krys and I went and played shuffleboard one last time.
She threw a 4, I picked up her puck, and threw a 4 to her end.
Perfect ending. R.I.P. shuffleboard. We love you eternally.

94/365 Day Without Shoes

Today I participated in A Day Without Shoes, to promote awareness about people in third world countries that can't afford simple things that we take for granted; like shoes.
I enjoy playing piano with no shoes on.

93/365 Lovely Weather

This picture is actually from some day during spring break. It was really nice out, but my face was all swollen so I couldn't really enjoy it, but I took a picture of the crystal things in our living room window streaming a rainbow onto my keyboard.
But today it was REALLY, EXTRA, nice out, and I did enjoy it!

92/365 Essay

It took me too many hours to write this essay today. Complete brain block. Not the way I wanted to spend my Sunday.

92/365 Seuss Floor

I decided to post this very close up shot because it's hard to see what the floor actually looks like from this, and it is therefore not a spoiler =)

HOWEVER, if you want to see the floor, *SPOILERS!*, here's a video I made!

91/365 Pretz-a-bagels

No, I'm not really sure what Pretz-a-bagels are supposed to be either...but their was a large packet of salt included in the bag.