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90/365 Katie, again

So this is, entirely coincidentally, the second day in a row that a Katie Note has been my photo.
This is a poem Katie wrote me during our two hours of sitting doing nothing at rehearsal. Love.

89/365 Math

Katie writes me notes in math that make me smile =)

88/365 Summer

Alright, so this photo was actually taken on August 13, 2010. But it's a photo that I think epitomizes my best friends, and today is Jul's birthday, and that makes me miss them more than usual, so I find it appropriate.
Also, winter? You can stop hogging the attention. Please let spring through so summer can come.

87/365 Breakfast

I took this picture because the color of the blueberry yogurt matches the color of my blanket exactly. I think this is one of my favorite photos to date.

86/365 Waiting for Godot

Waited all damn weekend for this 'Godot' character...

85/365 Seuss!

Heck yes, Seussical set! I got to work at the chop saw all day =)

84/365 Maybe this is becoming a monthly thing.

Last time I did this I made a Super Villian. I think this one is a Super Hero.
Someone give her a name?

83/365 Blooming

Today was the first day I noticed things in bloom about campus. And these little babes are my favorite; daffodils!

82/365 Threat

I took this picture at 8am this morning, because I thought it might be the last picture I'd ever take of myself.
But not really.
But just in case.

81/365 Cupcakes

Today I was planning on baking cupcakes. I planned way ahead of time and brought everything I needed from home. I went out to the store this morning and bought the last few things.
The bake sale we were supposed to have got cancelled, mainly because of the threat on the school. So I didn't bake any cupcakes, but I'm still going to class tomorrow. Many people aren't, many people had their classes cancelled.
A shooting could happen any day, and you don't wake up with fear and let it inhibit your life everyday, do you? So why tomorrow?

80/365 Nails

I absolutely love the feeling of clean-cut nails. The end.

79/365 Rita's

It's the first day of spring so Rita's gives away free water ice!
We planned to go to the three Rita's nearest to us...serious heist. Unfortunately two of the three were closed. Oh well.
Mystery Flavor = Delicious!

78/365 Hollow Book

One of my spring break projects was making this hollow book. I bought a copy of 'Cider House Rules' at a thrift store.
The note I found in the front cover of the books. It reads, 'MRL- Thanks for the good but disturbing read! AN'
Best part of this is that the note is written on a prescription pad from an OB/GYN office. If you know what the book is about you'll appreciate that.

P.S. Just discovered how to make my photos bigger in the post! Yay!

77/365 Chainmail

Mom and I went to another consignment-like shop today. This chainmail accompanied a booth full of swords, knives, guns, etc. I played with the chainmail and spent quite a while claiming I just wanted to try it on.

76/365 St. Patrick's Day

Mmm. Look at all those beautiful, homemade Irish Potatoes.

75/365 Thrift Store

Left the house today!
I love the things I find in thrift stores.
More crafts to come tomorrow and/or the next day.

74/365 Stir Crazy

Face is still swollen. Going crazy in the house. Every craft I wanted to make we seemed to be one supply short. So I colored. Going. Crazy.

73/365 Pi Day

Today, 3/14, is Pi Day.
So I made a cake.
Because cousin Nina got into her graduate program! Yay!
Chocolate Cake with Orange Creamsicle frosting.

72/365 Magazine Wallet

Made a wallet out of magazines today! Fun crafts to occupy the time between holding ice packs on my face.

71/365 Wisdom Teeth

Got my wisdom teeth out. That little plastic tooth there does not have my teeth in it, it's a dollar from the tooth fairy.
If you're lucky you may get a picture of my chipmunk face later. But probably not.

70/365 Ben & Jerry's

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack; Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl and Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters.
Enough said.

69/365 Whose Line?

Andrew, Amy and Katie sitting at the ticket table for 'Whose Line?'
Not a ton of people came, but it was still an excellent show.

68/365 Day

As I sat in my bed thinking about how I didn't take a picture today, I realized it was probably because today was a pretty stressful day. I studied my butt off for my Theatre Crafts midterm. This paid off, I got a 96. However, all week I've been hoping for an email to find out whether I got an RA position or not. Today some people found out that they did. I anxiously awaited an email. All. Day.

So from now on, whenever I legit don't have a picture for the day, I'm going to take a lovely webcam picture of my mood of the day.
Today's mood, kids, is FRUSTRATION (due to unnecessary stress and anticipation).

67/365 Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras day in N-wing. Too bad the food was the same old shitty stuff, just with cajun spice added. And the King Cake was not real King Cake. I miss high school French Club Mardi Gras parties.

66/365 Boys

Drove by this happening. Why didn't they just wait until someone buzzed onto their floor?

65/365 Dorm Door

Krystle and I decorated our door tonight! It says 'Spring Has Spung!' and we made flowers with our faces as the centers =)

64/365 Hair

This happened today.

63/365 Hair

A picture of myself, how lame, right?
But it's actually a documentation of this hair color/cut.

62/365 Pinelands

Katie, Dan and I went to Dan's high school's show of The Wizard of Oz tonight. His school's bathrooms are even more shitty than my high school's. The thing on the left? It's a hand dryer.
On the upside, the show was great.

61/365 G-Wing

G-Wing had the best food it has ever made today. Spinach, mushroom, tomato and goat cheese wrap. What the what, G? Why have you been holding out for so long?

60/365 IHOP

IHOP National Free Pancake Day!

First meal, 10:30am.

Second meal, 5:30pm.