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212/365 Rings

My ring shoots lasers. No big deal.
July went by unbelievably fast.

211/365 Idle mind, idle hands

I love making crazy doodle things at work to occupy myself.
I love taking a picture with no aim or purpose and having it turn out awesome.

210/365 Dress

Today I wore a dress that I bought from a thrift store two days ago that I love. I took some pictures of myself in the dress. Somehow this ended up being my favorite. Who knows.

209/365 Larry

Crazy, crazy bug that was crawling down the side of my car when I parked at home today! I named him Larry and told him I loved him before I walked away, probably leaving him to the doom of some chipmunk, squirrel or bird.

208/365 Thriftin'

Mom and I saw this entire set of mushroom jars at the thrift store today, identical to the ones we bought Steph a while back! And I got everything I need for the apartment today, all at thrift stores and the dollar store! Huch-hi!

207/365 fun.

This picture was entirely posed.
At the bookstore tonight a kid wearing a 'fun.' t-shirt bought 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. I said to him, 'so your shirt is the band fun, right?' He said yes and was so happy I knew he they were, commented that not many people got it.
It was just one of those exhilarating moments that restores your faith in humanity. Don't get them too often.

206/365 Bed

Spent some quality time in my bed today, watching Parks and Recreation. I am surprised to find I love this show...not surprised to find how much I love my bed after three doubles in a row.

205/365 Hallows

Just drawing some Deathly Hallows on my hands at work. Worked 38 hours within 60. Can't wait to do it again this week!

204/365 Pinky

You can't tell at all from this picture, but I could've sworn my pinkie looked a little crooked when I woke up this morning. Damn hair wraps.

203/365 Feet

12-hour workday. And another tomorrow. And another the next day. My feetsies are a wee bit sore.

202/365 Walnut

MISS SAIGON. Beautiful show. So glad mama and I got to see it together!


No picture. Only the second day all year I've done this. It just happens sometimes, and this day feels apropos.

200/365 Me, Governor?

I'm pretty sure I agree with Richard Codey's political views, and would take them over Chris Christie's any day. I do not, however, agree with the amount of times he winked at me this evening.

199/365 Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip cookies camouflage with our countertop conspicuously well.
P.S. These choco chip cookies were not made with any of the cookie dough dip from yesterday.

198/365 Cookie Dough that chocolate chip cookie dough dip? Yes. Yes, it is.
Thanks AGAIN, CCK!

197/365 Fab

Mom and Marian! After many photos, I think this one is the best.

196/365 Fan

In all the boredom of a slow night at the book store, I managed to take one of my favorite photographs I've taken, ever. Thank you, Dorothy Parker bookmarks.

195/365 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Don't read this entry if you don't care about me or my life...I wrote a lot more than I thought I would.

We look tired and stupid in this picture.
I took this at 11:43. What I like most about it is that it does not at all indicate what began to happen about two minutes after taking it.
The little 'did-you-know?' movie theatre facts began on the screen, and I flew up out of my seat to go pee before the movie started, shoving my last Junior Mint in my mouth as Juls ran out behind me. We became completely panicked that the movie was about to start so we peed really quickly and nearly knocked a few people over rushing back into the theatre. It was only 11:45.
We sat down, and I proceeded to act like a four year old, bouncing up and down in my seat, proclaiming 'X-amount of minutes!' as each minute went by on my phone. When we got to about 11:55 I really started freaking out. I just kept saying 'oh my god, I'm so excited'. I think I was already on the brink of tears at this point.
The previews came on, nothing that excited me too greatly, but then the sign came on that said to 'Put Your REAL-D 3D Glasses On Now!' and the lights went down. I cannot convey in words my excitement or nervousness.
I don't want to say anything about the movie itself. I cried. A lot. That was to be expected.
After it was over, all I could think was, 'well, it's really not over'. I can pick up the books anytime I want. I own (/will own) every movie. It's really not over.

So (I'm writing this post in retrospect, at night on the 15th, by the way) this morning when I woke up I felt horribly sad. I had had dreams that involved characters and scenes from the movie. I felt so, so sad. I suddenly DID feel like it was over. In the days approaching the movie a lot of my friends had been saying how depressed they felt about it, and I hadn't felt that way. I didn't even feel that way when the credits rolled. But this morning I felt it.
I think it's because, in a way, of course, it is over. It wasn't over when the seventh book came out because there were still movies to look forward to. Sure, there's Pottermore to look forward to now, but Pottermore won't be another adventure, another story.
I think the best way to look at it is that it's concluded, not over. It won't be over until I stopping loving the stories, the characters, the world J.K. Rowling created. I think I still have many adventures with Harry to look forward to. It may be re-reading a book and finding something new that I hadn't noted before, or reading the books to another person to whom the stories are new and unheard of.

The story of Harry Potter has been concluded, but concluded doesn't mean ended, and it certainly doesn't mean goodbye.

194/365 Always

The shirt that I made for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I got a little choked up making it. Prepared for a complete emotional breakdown and sob-fest.

193/365 Sched.

Today I worked the most brutal double of my life. For a reason that I do not know, my knees decided to start hurting me quite painfully about halfway through the day. Instead of a picture of my knees, here's the post-it with my work schedule on it for the week. Notice how every day is occupied.
BUT I'M MAKING BANK. And Mom gave me sandals with better support. Life is still wonderful.

192/365 Trolley Stop

Dad tackles his cone, wearing his awesome Slaughterhouse-Five t-shirt.

191/365 Glass

Beeeeeaaaaauuuuutiful necklace Nina got for me in Bermuda as a thanks for taking care of her Chai! I need an occasion to wear it now!

190/365 You're eating me out of house and home.

Sometimes I love blurry pictures. Especially when they depict the very frequent occurrence of Lizzie lifting Lisa.

189/365 Blondie

So, I'm blonde. Hey.
Note the 'READ A FUCKING BOOK!' poster in the background
Also, happy official birthday, ma mere!

188/365 Crepes and Les Mis, for the second time.

Went there for dinner tonight with Grandmom, Dad and Mom, for her birthday! After a delicious dinner we went to see Les Mis at the Ocean City Music Pier, performed by South Jersey's Youth Opera. This was the third time I'd seen Les Mis, and I have to say I appreciate it more every time. It was absolutely wonderful!

187/365 Quite Silly

Juls comes to visit me at the bookstore because we date. Things like this just happen after hours of us sitting there, watching 'Always Sunny' with Tom.

186/365 HP!

Tickets for midnight showing of Harry Potter!!!
The tickets are hilarious to me; it's written 'Harry Pot-a', which is how 'Harry Potter' sounds when you say it with a cockney accent.
Bad thing? Tickets were 14 dollars because it's in damn 3D. No, thank you!

185/365 Babysitting

Portrait of a Hedgehog.

184/365 More doubles

String burns from hair wrapping are starting to form. At least I think this means I'm getting faster?
Also, this ring is from France, and this time two whole years ago I was in France. This makes me sad.

183/365 Don't give up!

Halls cough drops have inspirational quotes on them. I guess they make having a killer sore throat a little bit better.

182/365 Soggy

Enormous leak from the ceiling of the bookstore today. Needless to say, things got a little wet.