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226/365 Sorry about this one.

The day began very dark and cloudy, and proceeded to get darker and darker until the rain finally came down. We were crazy busy at Bad Kitty. I did 11 hair wraps. I got 5 dollars in tips. All summer I've put my absolute best effort forward not to complain, but right now, I am complaining.

I was so excited for today because we've been pretty slow for about a week now. I knew it was supposed to be rainy and gross, so I knew we'd be really busy. I went into today excited to hair wrap my little hands off, and make plenty of tips. Hair wrapping my little hands of an making approximately 50 cents per wrap was NOT part of what I was looking forward too.
By far, the most frustrated I've felt with work the entire summer. I mean, I didn't even EAT. Literally, not even a spare moment to stop and eat a few Wheat Thins. I was either hair wrapping, or dealing with awful customers. Listen to me; if you ever get feathers put in your hair, or your precious daughter's hair, do the salesperson a favor and do not THROW A FIT over the length of the feathers your daughter is getting. THERE IS HONESTLY ABOUT A CENTIMETER DIFFERENCE IN THOSE TWO FEATHERS. Also? Please don't have your girls pick out their feathers, then walk away after I ring you up on the register, saying you'll pay once you've gotten the other things they want. Especially don't do this after I EXPLAINED TO YOU that we require you to pay for the feathers before they are put in. We do this so that no feather goes unaccounted for, and you don't try to walk out without paying, which I KNOW you were trying to do, crazy bitch in the hideous orange shorts.
And then the bookstore was really busy the second I went in there at 5. It eventually slowed down. Of course, this only happened well after it stopped raining, and I MISSED the rainbow. I just wanted to see the damn rainbow.

I have deemed this the worst day of work for the summer, and therefore I will never complain about work again. It can only go up from here.
Angry/upset rant over.
Three weeks left. I'll be fine.

And on the upside, I do like this picture quite a bit. One of the only times I've actually thought Stone Harbor looked beautiful.


theo said...

No apology needed. One rant per summer is way below average for most folks.

Nina Ranalli said...

how is pottermoooore

Taylor said...

I haven't actually gotten into Pottermore yet. I did the thing so that I'll have early access, but they're sending out the welcome emails that actually give you access in waves, and I've yet to get mine. They're be doing it all the way through September, so it may actually be a while before I get to experience anything =/

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