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333/365 Stressed Desserts

To the left we have a chocolate cake with mint 'monster' icing. To the right we've got a vanilla cake with a mixed berry frosting that is so fluffy you'd think you were eating a cloud.
Baking for three hours tonight instead of doing homework was the right choice.
Last two weeks of the semester...priorities = in order.

P.S. The title...SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! ;)

332/365 Avocado

Successfully cut this avocado in half, got the pit out like a beast, and then was literally able to peel it by hand because it was so ripe the skin was coming right off. Like a BOSS.

331/365 Lily (that is a lily, right?)

I came back to school fearing all my flowers would be dead, only to discover that this one was still in beautiful condition along with a few others! Then Krystle, Tori and I watched The Walking Dead.
I knew she was a walker!

330/365 Zipper

Costume Design leads me to taking pictures of things like this. Riveting.

329/365 Birthday Girl

Today I had to work, which was icky. But tonight I got to go to dinner with my mom, dad and Nina for Neen's birthday, and that was wonderful. And tomorrow I will bake Nina delicious treats, as promised, and that is wonderful too.

328/365 Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my family, specifically my cousins who use silverware as mustaches.

I am thankful for vegan food, because I had too many delicious dishes to name.

I am thankful, again, for my family. Because only my family would put out paper place mats and little cups of crayons for us to draw on at dinner. And only my sister would sit across from me and draw me. And only my younger cousins Anna and Katie and myself would sit there doodling and drawing the Deathly Hallows symbol a bunch of times.

It was a spectacular giving of thanks.

327/365 Haircuts

Tori cut all her hair off! Yay!

326/365 Driving

On the drive from Tori's. We ate Chinese, watched The Wild Thornberry's movie, vegged out. Successful night.

325/365 Vegan Noms

These are NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Now just to find Justin's Chocolate Hazlenut butter...

324/365 Lughnasa Wrap-Up

I only have one picture posted that is a direct reference to 'Dancing at Lughnasa'. This was the note on our call board from our director, Pam. It really was an incredibly successful show, and her faith and enjoyment in it made me believe that even more so.

323/365 Family Flowers

Flowers from Grandmom and Mom and Dad in full bloom!

322/365 Freddy and Isabella

Freddy and Isabella back in my life, as it should be.
I'm exhausted. Can't wait for this coming week to hopefully, finally RELAX...even though after this show is over there's still a ton of school things for me to worry about...but it'll be fine.

So if this does end up being my last *post*, please believe that things are good with me, and even when they're not, they will be soon enough.
And I will believe the same about you.

Love Always, Taylor

Name the book that I have obviously recently re-read to win five points!

321/365 Pumpkin Breakfast Om Noms

What is that you say? This was my breakfast?
Pumpkin, oats, raisins, ground flax seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses, vanilla all baked into yummy little cookies and a little rice milk and confectioner's sugar glaze for on top. This is breakfast, and it's real.

320/365 Irish Bake Sale

Theatre Club Bake Sale for OPENING NIGHT of DANCING AT LUGHNASA! People made delicious things, we listened to show tunes, the usual.

319/365 Bake-apy

Because no matter how stressed out you are, no matter how utterly exhausted you are, no matter how many other things you could be doing or how many other ways you could be spending your time, you should always make time to bake. Especially when the baking is Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies for the Theatre Club Bake Sale tomorrow.

318/365 Veggie Sammie

Take that, Mondo's! You subs ain't got nothing on my sandwich making skills!
Spicy chipotle hummus, spinach, carrots and tomato on twelve grain bread. Nomming that up erryday.

317/365 Rosie Mundy

Rose Mundy, where is your modesty?!
First tech run was today. It went well. Two dress rehearsals, five shows, and we're done. I'll be relieved.

316/365 Baketress

I promised Aunt Cheryl a picture of me in my apron, and I rather liked this one of myself with my peanut butter chocolate pillows! Thanks for taking it, Krystle!

315/365 Whose Line?

'Whose Line?' went so well tonight! My mother-in-law and husband!

314/365 Final Rehearsal

Halls cough drops make me crack up.
'You've survived tougher.'
'The show must go on. Or work.'
Also, my apron is cute =)

313/365 Homemade

Taco salad. TVP with taco seasoning, plus black beans and corn, chopped up spinach, and homemade tortilla chips made in the toaster over. Made so much...eating this all day everyday for several days!

312/365 Oldschool.

Our theatre loves New Found Glory!

311/365 Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes, CCK style!
Yes, this picture is out of focus. That is because I was so excited to eat these, I literally did not stop long enough to take a decent picture.

310/365 Earnest

Look at Jack. Look at how damn classy he is. I am so happy with these renderings...if Henry hates them I'm just going to cry.

309/365 Benny's

Sometimes it's nice to remind myself how beautiful my hometown is.

308/365 Cruelty Free

Vegan mascara that I splurged and bought myself for my birthday! It works excellently and it feels great to know no animals suffered for my beauty needs!

307/365 More Presents, and Hugs

Aunt Cheryl wins in the family as best present giver. This is an apron made out of the material from my Nen's couch. And a dish reminiscent of the Deathly Hallows. I mean, come one. Who can beat that?

306/365 Presents

Beautiful birthday present from the wonderful Tori Moratelli. We're adorable.
Also to the left you can see the cute little cow piggy bank that my mom get me!

305/365 Publicity

Posters for Lughnasa are done! Getting excited?

304/365 Actual Birthday

I got so many beautiful and hilarious birthday cards from friends and family that I made a garland of them and hung it up on my wall! Thank you, everybody! =D

303/365 My rooster's dead...

Stand in props are always hilarious. Especially this one.