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365/365 New Year's Eve


This night was more amazing than I'll ever be able to say. I was this close to them. I was front row, almost center, and was this close to Tim Arnold and Dan Schwartz.

I love Good Old War, I love Han and Jul, and I loved this year.

I'm very happy I did this blog, and only a little sad this is the end.
For the coming year, if I take any really riveting pictures I may post them on here, but it will be sporadic.
So I guess this is the end. Here's to 2012, and every year after. May we all find them as beautiful as I found this past year to be.


theo said...

Great job, dearie. I loved this and I'll miss it. :-(

Julia Blaszczyk said...

I'm sad that this is over!! I love being able to see what you're doing!!!!!!!

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