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365/365 New Year's Eve


This night was more amazing than I'll ever be able to say. I was this close to them. I was front row, almost center, and was this close to Tim Arnold and Dan Schwartz.

I love Good Old War, I love Han and Jul, and I loved this year.

I'm very happy I did this blog, and only a little sad this is the end.
For the coming year, if I take any really riveting pictures I may post them on here, but it will be sporadic.
So I guess this is the end. Here's to 2012, and every year after. May we all find them as beautiful as I found this past year to be.

364/365 Library II

I saw again...I spend a lot of time at the library in the winter.

363/365 Library

The library. I always spend a lot of time here over winter break. I laid on the ground to get this picture. Worth it.

362/365 Self

Okay, I swear, last self portrait for the year. Took this one using the Olympus film camera, and I quite like how it turned out. Kudos to Steph for the head band, Nina for one of the rings, Mom & Dad for the other ring, and Jayme for the other ring that is on the hand on the camera. =)

361/365 Vegan

I was so surprised but quite happy to see this article about Veganism in our local paper. I would not be surprised to hear that I am the only vegan who lives in this county, so it was nice to see that it does get recognition as a lifestyle.

360/365 Baby Bonzai

Nina got a baby Bonzai tree for Christmas!

359/365 Christmas

First, I made cinnamon buns.

Then, Christmas exploded.

Then I made sisters take a lot of pictures.

In short, Christmas was awesome. Couldn't have asked for anything better.