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365/365 New Year's Eve


This night was more amazing than I'll ever be able to say. I was this close to them. I was front row, almost center, and was this close to Tim Arnold and Dan Schwartz.

I love Good Old War, I love Han and Jul, and I loved this year.

I'm very happy I did this blog, and only a little sad this is the end.
For the coming year, if I take any really riveting pictures I may post them on here, but it will be sporadic.
So I guess this is the end. Here's to 2012, and every year after. May we all find them as beautiful as I found this past year to be.

364/365 Library II

I saw again...I spend a lot of time at the library in the winter.

363/365 Library

The library. I always spend a lot of time here over winter break. I laid on the ground to get this picture. Worth it.

362/365 Self

Okay, I swear, last self portrait for the year. Took this one using the Olympus film camera, and I quite like how it turned out. Kudos to Steph for the head band, Nina for one of the rings, Mom & Dad for the other ring, and Jayme for the other ring that is on the hand on the camera. =)

361/365 Vegan

I was so surprised but quite happy to see this article about Veganism in our local paper. I would not be surprised to hear that I am the only vegan who lives in this county, so it was nice to see that it does get recognition as a lifestyle.

360/365 Baby Bonzai

Nina got a baby Bonzai tree for Christmas!

359/365 Christmas

First, I made cinnamon buns.

Then, Christmas exploded.

Then I made sisters take a lot of pictures.

In short, Christmas was awesome. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

358/365 Christmas Eve

Mom and Grandmom.

Sean, Jayme, Grandmom, Steph and Fran.

Our Christmas tree.

Tonight was lovely and tomorrow is Christmas! Yipee!

357/365 Cawley Christmas

Myself, Dad and Steph

Katie playing the trumpet!

Cawley Christmas at the PA Cawley's was delightful. We had amazing Mediterranean/Greek food, opened presents, and sang carols! I hope this is a new tradition for us!

356/365 I Heart Veggies

Mondo's Very Veggie sub ain't got nothin' on me! Made this nom nom sandwich today.

355/365 GCR

Golf Club Road, still always beautiful.

354/365 Vincent van Gogh

Went to Phila today with Mom and Jayme and saw Steph and Fran! I also got to meet their kitty, Vincent. I am allergic to cats so normally dislike them, but this guy is the sweetest! He's also apparently a ghost...

353/365 Petunia

This is not Petunia's first appearance in this photo blog, but I wanted to make sure she was well represented. She's such a big part of my life.


So today was the long-awaited gingerbread house day. This is my house. It's really not a very good picture of it, but honestly I didn't take a lot of pictures. That's mostly because I was taking a lot of videos to make a mockumentary. Yes, that's a real thing that happened. I love my family.

351/365 Book Tower

I mean like...I only have a few books out from the library...

350/365 Gentlemen

Gingerbread Gentlemen! I had way too much fun making these tonight. Dad and I baked a total of three batches of gingerbread, more than we've ever done. Next year we legit need to scale back.

349/365 Hair

Ohhhhh, look! Another picture of my face. I counted, and this is my fourth haircut this year. I have also had four hair colors this year. It's the shortest it's been since summer of 2010. I enjoy.

348/365 Candy Galore

Getting ready to gingerbread house it up on Sunday! Every year we say we got too much candy...this year it's definitely true. There's even more hiding on the perimeters of this picture.

347/365 Elation!

A picture of my happy face and my too-long hair! Fall semester is over. Now only to anxiously await my grades, and get my hair cut on Thursday! Hoorah!

346/365 FILM!

FINALLY developed that roll of film that I had been trying to use up since May! If you go back and look at posts 127, 135, and 138 you will see more film photos! This one is of my bedroom in my apartment at school. I love lamp.

345/365 Kenneth is Immortal

Working on my 3D model. Please take note of the picture of Kenneth from 30 Rock in my one picture frame. This is my small act of defiance against this class and this model.

344/365 Topping Tornado

I love seeing products in stores that make me stop and laugh. This looks like so much fun. If I got to do this when I was a kid I would have probably peed myself. Heck, I'd probably pee myself now.

343/365 Apple Pie

So I do this thing where when I get stressed or anxious I bake. It just makes me happy. Apparently when I can't make furniture out of model magic, I just end up making an apple pie. My life.

342/365 3D Model

I DID NOT MAKE THIS. This is the model that I have to make. It's going to take a lot, a lot, a lot of hours, but after I do this I will never have to deal with this class or professor again.

341/365 Final Costumes

Gang's all here. Costume Design final is done, and I am very happy with it. I can only hoe that Henry loves it as much as I do, and that I can manage an A in this class. if I do, I will honestly be very proud of myself.

340/365 Kickin'

I've had this flower since Lughnasa and it is still kicking! I love having it next to my bed.

339/365 Rings

3 of many, many, many of my rings. These three just looked particularly lovely to me sitting on my desk today. 

338/365 Meal Plan Woes

Just went to lakeside and spent all my flex. Hardly got any food at all...

337/365 Choco Chip #2 and 3

Test batch recipe #3; a recipe of my own accord! It didn't turn out fantastic, but it wasn't half bad!

Also, test batch recipe #2 = WINNER. No photos because they gotten nommed up too quickly.

336/365 Choco Chip

Test recipe #1 for chocolate chip cookies. These had an excellent texture, but not so good a taste.

335/365 Revisions

I have spent many hours sketching for my costume design final. Hoping for the best with these revisions. I mean, check out the buff farmer as my source for Silvius. Can't go wrong there.