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31/365 Sunrise

This was nice to wake up to.

30/365 Laundry

So many things I meant to take a picture of today and didn't. But I did laundry.

29/365 Tango Fire

This show was spectacular. Wish I could've taken a picture of the dancers themselves.

28/365 Pretzels

Aware that this is now my second picture of pretzels. But look at the cool way this one was curved.
Also, this picture was not taken today. It was taken two days ago. BUT - I was eating pretzels again today and found another like this. It counts.

27/365 Snow

Today was worth two photos. This is by far the best advantage of living on the third floor of my dormitory.

26/365 Tofu Kabob

It was Carnival Day in N-Wing. Such an unbelievable win.

25/365 Dolly

A prop from The Pillowman. If I was doing what the idea of the 365 was, to have the picture of the day give an idea of the overall feeling or happenings of that day, so far every day would've been a picture of something related to The Pillowman. But I don't take a lot of photos at rehearsal. I'm glad my blog is more a, 'here's a random tidbit of my day' kind of 365.
P.S. This doll is probably just a stand in for a different doll that may be used in the show, so I'm not spoiling anything for those of you who worry about that kind of thing. Oh...that's right. It's only me that's nuts-o about that kind of thing.

24/365 Basket

Nina! I realized I never took or posted a picture of your lovely basket hanging on the wall by my bed. Steph, notice your also lovely bulletin board holding it down in the background.

23/365 Sick

Saltines and water. I had a super day.

22/365 Yum

Hot chocolate night in N-Wing! Krystle's looked a lot more delicious than mine did.

21/365 Bed

All day today I was wishing my favorite purple blanket was wrapped around me. I wasn't depressed or anything, it was just really, very cold.

20/365 From 1/2

Do you know what? I didn't take a single picture today. I think I was too worried about being off book for 'The Pillowman'. I actually wore almost no make-up today. That makes this picture of the day an opposite picture of the day. These are going to happen from time to time.

19/365 Library

At 10am on Wednesdays, the bowels of the library are totally empty. Shh. Don't tell.

18/365 Ballet

First day of classes; Intermediate Ballet kicked. My. Butt.

17/365 Galloway Diner

Super Private Birthday Parties.

16/365 Quelf

Upon returning to school today we watched The Golden Globes and played this neat board game Quelf. It's sort of dark in our common room.

15/365 Hershey's

Today was an awesome day.

14/365 Momiji

Went to Momiji for lunch with Kasey, Chelsea and Julia today. Julia and I split the lunch special because we date.

13/365 Chickpea and Tomato Pasta

I didn't make this, my mom did. I only pressed the button on the food processor.

12/365 Pretty Purple Paint

We've started painting Nina's bedroom. I'm sure more complete pictures will come.

11/365 Fudge Babies!

Mmm, look at all those fudge babies!

Don't mind if I do!

Check out Chocolate Covered Katie, where healthy tastes naughty!

10/365 Ibsen and Purple Fuzzy Blanket

This book and this blanket explains my entire day. And if a DVD case was included in the picture, it would explain my entire winter break.

9/365 Strawberry Ice Cream

The Court House Diner is my favorite restaurant.

8/365 Peyote Stitch Ring

I made this ring today. Even count peyote stitch with 11/0 delicas.

7/365 Lake Fred being all wintry.

Rehearsal was pushed to 12:30 today. I was already in my car set to be there at 12. So I got to the Stock early and took some pictures.

6/365 Cooking

My mom will probably be annoyed when she notices the speck of dirt on the grates.

5/365 Pretzels

This is probably a good time to mention to any readers that probably 85% of my photographs will be of food.

4/365 Dry Erase Board

I drew this little tree today! I think it's cute.

3/365 The Pillowman

I really liked this one because my focus immediately goes to the word 'Pillowman', and I didn't even try to do that.

2/365 Nina and Kayla

Nina was going to read a story to Kayla. Kayla could read it all by herself.

1/365 Cell Phone in a Bowl of Rice

This is how my year began.