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274/365 Lughnasa

I love when my picture of the day has not that much significance in the grand scheme of my day. Krystle and I had decided earlier in the week that we were going to go to the YoGo Factory today. Luckily, we ended up going there in a sort of celebration, because this afternoon I was cast in the second show of our semester, Dancing at Lughnasa. I'll be working with absolutely amazing and talented people. For the second time in a year will be playing a mentally challenged character and this time I get to do it in an Irish dialect. Forever grateful for all the opportunities I've been given at this school.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations my love! Clearly, these casting directors recognize considerable talent when they see it. I love you. And so proud, as always.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the part!!

Taylor said...

Thank you guys! XO

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