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302/365 Birthday

Today gets a lot of photos. Today I celebrated my birthday with lots of people!

I woke up to this display of cute little cuppies that Krystle and Kristen made me! They are the best! KRSC and the cuppies!

Mom, Dad and I went to Chuck Palahniuk's author event at a library in Phila. My mom got me this signed copy of his newest book, Damned. Nearly cried when she handed it to me.

I got to hear him speak. I got to hear him talk to us about things, and he read one of his newest stories, Romance. It was too, too wonderful.

For dinner, I had pepper-encrusted tofu over edamame puree and miso broth. I ate it all. Almost died from the deliciousness. Everyone else's dishes (Mom, Dad, Steph, Fran and Nina's) were also spectacular.

Then we all went to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and it was outrageously funny and entertaining. I even got to go on stage and play Ophelia.
Today was so great. It was probably my best birthday...ever? Yeah, I think ever.

Tomorrow is my last day as a teenager! I'll be twenty on Monday! Huzzah!


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