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126/365 Graduation

Wait. Okay. Three Pictures? I know, but today was an important day.
Steph graduated as Salutatorian of her class at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and we sat through the long ceremony to watch her get her diploma, and hear me sing the awful, awful song that is our school's Alma Mater. We then went to Ma France Creperie dans Ocean City, and had a delightful meal.

Picture 1; Dad, Steph, Fran and Mom right after graduation, in front of Big Blue.
Picture 2; Steph opening her cards and gifts at lunch. The way the sun was coming in the windows and how CUTE she looked made me really like this picture.
Picture 3; Walnut and brie galette. No more words. I decided not to post the photo of my dessert banana and nutella crepe, for fear of making people too painstakingly jealous.

Congratulations, Stephi!


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