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139/365 A little expansion on the usual photo-a-day

A photographic chronicle of a snickerdoodle blondie baking adventure.

Success! Here's the recipe!

And here's the genius who created these genius treats!

Hope you enjoyed my post, Katie!


theo said...

YES!! Delicious. Thanks

CCK said...

Oh my GOSH, this is ADORABLE!!! I don't even know which photo I like the most... wait, maybe the one where you have a huge smile on your gorgeous face. It's such a cute (and clever) post, and the blondie photos look beautiful too!

One thing: can you take down the actual recipe and just link instead? LOL I don't want my recipes being spread out in the blogworld b/c I have big plans for some of them in the future!

Oh, and which photo do you want me to use when I feature you? They're all so pretty... I can't choose! :)

And finally (at the risk of leaving you the longest comment ever), I am so honored that you made the thin mint brownies and cookie dough balls too. Your blog is so super-awesome!

Taylor said...

Eep! I'm so excited you responded!

Totally understand the wanting to keep your recipes your recipes, no problem!

As for the photo, I can barely choose either! But I think one of the final product ones would be best, I'm going to say the second to last one because you can see the delicious fudgyness!

You blog is so so so super-awesome! Thank you for visiting mine!

Nina Ranalli said...

these were delicious-o tayl

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