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302/365 Birthday

Today gets a lot of photos. Today I celebrated my birthday with lots of people!

I woke up to this display of cute little cuppies that Krystle and Kristen made me! They are the best! KRSC and the cuppies!

Mom, Dad and I went to Chuck Palahniuk's author event at a library in Phila. My mom got me this signed copy of his newest book, Damned. Nearly cried when she handed it to me.

I got to hear him speak. I got to hear him talk to us about things, and he read one of his newest stories, Romance. It was too, too wonderful.

For dinner, I had pepper-encrusted tofu over edamame puree and miso broth. I ate it all. Almost died from the deliciousness. Everyone else's dishes (Mom, Dad, Steph, Fran and Nina's) were also spectacular.

Then we all went to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and it was outrageously funny and entertaining. I even got to go on stage and play Ophelia.
Today was so great. It was probably my best birthday...ever? Yeah, I think ever.

Tomorrow is my last day as a teenager! I'll be twenty on Monday! Huzzah!

301/365 ZOMBIES!

Courtney clearly won for best zombie-fication!

300/365 Boatmeal

Boatmeal from CCK!

299/365 PPK

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows.
This is a thing, and it happened.

298/365 Preceptor Day

Waiting outside Pam's office to be precepted. I like that I've been in or seen 5 out of these 6 shows. Also...graduating in 2013. That's pretty nice too.

297/365 Face

Because I felt like it. Yay for new makeup routines!

296/365 Sorry

Because sometimes you have the look at things or do things that you don't want to.

295/365 Last Show

Today we took Much Ado to the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton. Call was at 9am. It was a long day, but it was spent with a family of wonderful people. Our last show was amazing. It still hasn't hit me that this is over. Beatrice will always be part of me.

294/365 Broadway in the Box

My husband and I. My wife and I? Hm. Broadway in the Box was a huge success.

293/365 Pride

It was amazing to see this today. I felt to incredibly happy and proud to attend this school. Stockton, you really are amazing sometimes.

292/365 Aliens?

Bizarre light coming from across Lake Fred? Aliens?

291/365 Long Days

Came home from a long night of rehearsals to this cute little note roomie Krystle left me about our Chia Pet! Kyle will soon live again!

290/365 Real Food

Quinoa, black means, mushrooms and spinach with raspberry vinaigrette all over it! Mmm!

289/365 Sunday Matinee

I left my camera in the green room without saying anything, hoping things exactly like this would happen. And they did. Proving even more how much I love this cast, how much I love this show, and how much I will miss it all.

288/365 Cast Party

Lauren just milking Sarra. No big deal.

287/365 Float

Our float! It was 'That's so '70s!' we chose 1776. We're awesome.

286/365 Construction

Ya know...just making our Homecoming float after our show until big deal.

285/365 Opening Night

Thank you for the opening night Thespian Peacocks, my lovely Assistant Stage Manager, Courtney!

284/365 Act IV, Scene I

Obviously I did not take this photo, our professional photographer did. Favorite scene. Beautiful.

283/365 First Dress

Digging my make-up for the show. Subtle, yet still edgy/bitchy enough for Beatrice.

282/365 Cast Dinner

Lauren spilled her salad. She was real upset about it. Thank you for the beautiful cast dinner, Tyler!

281/365 Prepping for a long day.

I'm making this post for the day in the morning which is not my usual...but I seriously just made myself the best breakfast ever.
I found this AMAZING pancake fluffy, so excellent tasting...and put apples and cinnamon and a little bit of maple syrup on top. You're welcome stomach.
Cue-to-cue today for Much Ado. It's going to be a long one.

280/365 No Ado

Today was Dry Tech for Much Ado, meaning the actors didn't have to be there. First day I haven't done anything to do with the show in a while. We did, however, have our first rehearsal for Broadway in the Box, which went really well. Tonight we also had our first Theatre Club Coffee House Cabaret night. Unfortunately, the Campus Center isn't exactly hopping on a Friday night at 9pm (and Dunkin was closed? The eff?), so it was mostly only Theatre Clubers there, but it was still a great show. Natalie was looking at her Lughnasa script. I told her she needed to put that thing away until Much Ado was over. Hehe =)

279/365 BitB

Getting ready for our first Broadway in the Box rehearsal tomorrow. So much to do, so little time...

278/365 Bake Sale

Theatre Club Bake Sale today! We had SO many baked goods, and so many people sitting at the table all day! Truly an excellent turnout for the first bake sale of the year. I love this freshman class.

277/365 Graphic Methods

Always so, so, so bored in Graphic Methods...

276/365 Posters

Finally put these up on my wall. Left just enough room for a Lughnasa poster. =)

275/365 Veggie

TVP tacos for dinner!

274/365 Lughnasa

I love when my picture of the day has not that much significance in the grand scheme of my day. Krystle and I had decided earlier in the week that we were going to go to the YoGo Factory today. Luckily, we ended up going there in a sort of celebration, because this afternoon I was cast in the second show of our semester, Dancing at Lughnasa. I'll be working with absolutely amazing and talented people. For the second time in a year will be playing a mentally challenged character and this time I get to do it in an Irish dialect. Forever grateful for all the opportunities I've been given at this school.

273/365 Yet another surprise

Mom, Dad and triplets. Such a lovely family portrait. Happy birthday to my brother-in-law.

272/365 Cuppies

I made cupcakes and wrote a note on top of the foil, 'Don't sit anything on us, please and thank you!' When I got up in the morning, this was Krys' response. I was laughing out loud.

271/365 Marquee


270/365 Lights

This photo doesn't do this beautiful night on Lake Fred justice. It was orange to the left, and green to he right, and I have no idea how.

269/365 Patrona

Today, I said goodbye to my little Patrona. It was a good month, baby. Can't wait to reincarnate you next summer.